'Orkney has woven a spell on me...

The echoes of mythical creatures from Orkney’s ancient stories are all around me and I want to express this somehow, but do not know where to begin. Then it dawns on me that the answer lies with the flowers; that in their secret hidden realm in the wild places amongst the cotton grass and heather, the buttercups, sorrel and ragged robin, I would find what I was looking for...Some days I return empty-handed - the faeries will not tell - but some days I am granted a glimpse into their world, a privilege that is only given to those with eyes to see. '


My book 'In the Dreamtime. A Meditation on the Flowers of Orkney' is available to buy at a cost of £27+P&P. Please email me at [email protected] for postage costs and to place an order.


'It is stunning and I am thrilled with it. I feel really excited at the thought of opening it up every day and living with your beautiful images.' Sarah G, Glastonbury.

'A thing of real beauty. A treasure.' Julie D, Oxford

'This is a beautiful book full of magical photography from the heart.' Freda H, Ascot.